What’s New in the Library Spring 2023 Edition!

Welcome to a new semester! And welcome (or welcome back) to everyone who is returning to in-person classes or new to City Tech. 

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Longer Book Loans and More Renewals!

As of January 31st, students can now borrow books from any CUNY library for 8 weeks plus 4 renewals. If you have City Tech books on loan from before January 31st please email us at: NYCCTCirculation@citytech.cuny.edu and ask for a loan extension.

All books can be returned in the library or dropped in the Library Book Drop Box located inside 300 Jay Street entrance past the turnstiles on the left side.

Course Reserves

You can place textbooks and required readings for your courses in the Library’s Reserve Collection for your students to use in the library.

Please place your requests as soon as possible as we purchase on a first-come, first-served basis. Request materials to be placed on reserve using this form

Questions?  Email us: NYCCTCirculation@citytech.cuny.edu 

Need Something We Don’t Have?

Interlibrary Loan has expanded its services! Faculty, staff, and now students can request books not available at CUNY through ILL. We are also continuing to fill article and individual book chapter requests and deliver them electronically. ILL is great for scholarly research and course assignments.

Your CUNY login is connected to your ILL account, so you’ll have one less password to remember!

Questions? Email us: interlibraryloan@citytech.cuny.edu

Library Instruction Offerings 

Are you assigning papers or projects that require library research? You can request a library instruction session for your in-person or online synchronous class. 

Are you teaching asynchronously or want your students to learn research skills at their own pace? Share the library’s tutorials and research guides with your students. The library is automatically embedded in Blackboard courses and you can add library widgets to your OpenLab site. 

Contact your library subject specialist to find out more about subject-specific resources and support for your asynchronous class.

For general questions about library instruction, contact Prof. Rachel Jones, library instruction coordinator.

Open Educational Resources

Identify open and free resources to support teaching, browse your colleagues’ contributions, and much more via the OER at City Tech site

Follow our blog for New & Noteworthy OER available in your discipline.

Questions about assigning OER and other zero-cost resources, creating, and sharing your OER with a wider audience? Contact Cailean Cooney at ccooney@citytech.cuny.edu. You can also request a tailored workshop by filling out this form

Featured Eresources 

The library gives access to–and is constantly updating–our collections of streaming video. Take a look at what we have available through Kanopy, Swank, and AVON.

One of our favorite databases is Statista; check out their constantly updating topic pages on issues like sustainability, social media, and more.

Don’t forget to use your City Tech email to sign up for (or renew) your free access to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal!

Laptop Loans 

In coordination and with support from the ASAP program, the library is offering a limited number of PC laptops for 7 day loan to all City Tech students. Visit the Multimedia Resource Center on the 4th floor to check one out. 

Media Browsing 

The Multimedia Resource Center (MRC) is piloting an open browsing program. Students can enter the back staff area and browse the library’s collection of VHS cassettes, DVDs, Blu-Rays, and vinyl records. For more information, contact Prof. Junior Tidal.

Support for Scholarly Publishing 

Did you know that City Tech just hit 1000 items contributed to CUNY Academic Works? Not only that, but City Tech added the most items to the Publications and Research series in Academic Works for 2021-22 of all CUNY campuses. Find out what the 1000th contribution was on our blog.

The library can support your research! We offer a workshop series––stay tuned for an updated post or check the faculty workshop calendar in a few weeks for more information on this semester’s offerings. In addition to our Scholarly Publishing Clinic, a monthly office hour for virtual consultations on the first Tuesday of the month at 3 PM, consultations are available on demand. Contact Monica Berger at mberger@citytech.cuny.edu. Learn more about how the library supports scholarly publishing.

And, we’re so excited to see all the scholarly publications coming out of City Tech Library; your library faculty are hard at work on research. Read more on our blog.

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Everything Everywhere All At Your Library

Did you know that the library has tons of streaming video available — and not just to help with your homework? As we gear up for Oscars season, you can revisit Everything Everywhere All at Once through the library collections. Click here to head straight to the film! (If you’re off campus, you’ll be asked to log in with your CUNYfirst ID.)

This is a poster for the film Everything Everywhere All At Once.

This movie is available for streaming through Swank, one of the library’s streaming video databases; you can explore the rest of our Swank subscription at cityte.ch/swank. Or, explore more streaming video through Kanopy and Academic Video Online (AVON)

New Library Faculty Publications, Creative Works, and Other Scholarly Activities

City Tech Library faculty have varied scholarly and creative agendas. Here are our recent publications and other accomplishments:

Nora Almeida Nora Almeida
Almeida, N. (Oct. 2022) Land Use Intervention Library performance piece. Puffin Foundation. https://www.puffinfoundation.org/grantees/land-use-intervention/

Almeida, N. (2022) “Out of Town,” TYPO, 33,  http://www.typomag.com/issue33/almeida.html

Hoyer, J., & Almeida, N. (2021). The social movement archive. Litwin Books. see under Hoyer for links

Almeida, N., & Tidal, J. (2022). Library Wayfinding and ESOL Students: Communication Challenges and Empathy-Based Intervention. portal: Libraries and the Academy22(2), 453-474. https://doi.org/10.1353/pla.2022.0025.
CUNY Academic Works logoRead in Academic Works

Almeida, N. (2022). Library Tautology: A Reenactment of the One-Shot. College & Research Libraries, 83(5), 833. https://doi.org/10.5860/crl.83.5.833.
CUNY Academic Works logoread in Academic Works  pen meet the author

Monica BergerMonica Berger

Berger, M. (2021). Bibliodiversity at the Centre: Decolonizing Open Access. Development and Change, 52(2), 383–404. https://doi.org/10.1111/dech.12634

Berger, M. (2021). Teaching Authors about Predatory Journals in the One-on-One  Consultation. In B. Buljung & E. Bongiovanni (Eds.), The Scholarly Communications Cookbook (pp. 177–181). Association of College and Research Libraries.

Berger, Monica (2023). “The Politics of Open Access and the Decolonization of Knowledge” [Invited paper], The Integrative Potential of Epistemic Virtues for the Digital Humanities, German Institute of Tokyo, Toyko.

Wanett ClydeWanett Clyde
Clyde, W. (2022). Peer Pressure: Embracing Good Influences. In R. M. Kim, G. M. Cho, & R. McGinty (Eds.), The children of the people: Writings by and about cuny students on race and social justice (First). DIO Press.

Cailean CooneyCailean Cooney
Cailean was accepted as a Fellow in the inaugural CUNY Innovative Teaching Academy (CITA) Summer Institute.

Cailean, along with her co-pi at Brooklyn College, were awarded funding from the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline and the University Dean for Talent & Industry Partnerships for a CUNY-wide research project entitled Do students have adequate access to technology to succeed in Computer Science / information technology courses, both in and outside the classroom?

Cooney, C. (2022, October). Faculty Representation in OER Initiatives. CUNY SoTL Conference (virtual).

Cooney, C. (2022). City Tech’s Open Educational Resources Fellowship. In E. Bakaitis (Ed.), Considerations of Open: Faculty reflections about open educational resources.

Cooney, C., Thompson, J. & Peach, J. (2022). Creating Community among Faculty OER Fellows: COVID-19 edition. In E. Bakaitis (Ed.), Considerations of Open: Faculty reflections about open educational resources.

Jen HoyerJen Hoyer
Hoyer, J., & Almeida, N. (2021). The social movement archive. Litwin Books.
CUNY Academic Works logo read the introduction in Academic Workspen  meet the authors

Hoyer, J., Holt, K. H., Pelaez, J., & Guy-Clement, N. (2022). What primary sources teach: Lessons for every classroom. Libraries Unlimited, An Imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC.

penmeet the author

Hoyer, J., Holt, K., Voiklis, J., Attaway, B., & Joy Norlander, R. (2022). Redesigning Program Assessment for Teaching with Primary Sources: Understanding the Impacts of Our Work. The American Archivist85(2), 443-479. https://doi.org/10.17723/2327-9702-85.2.443.
CUNY Academic Works logoRead in Academic Works  pen meet the author

Kel KarpinskiKel Karpinski
Karpinski, K. R. (2022). Hail, Caesar! In E. J. Dymond & S. J. Murguía (Eds.), The Encyclopedia of LGBTQIA+ Portrayals in American Film (pp. 162–167). Rowman & Littlefield

pen  meet the author

Karpinski, K. R. (2022). The Iconography of an All‐American Icon: Sailors, Homoeroticism, and Mid‐Century Queer Cultural Politics. The Journal of American Culture 45, 440-457. https://doi.org/10.1111/jacc.13419

pen  meet the author

Anne LeonardAnne Leonard
Leonard, Anne, and Jason Montgomery. “The City as a Learning Lab: Using Historical Maps and Walking Seminars to Anchor Place-Based Research.” Engaging Undergraduates in Primary Source Research, edited by Lijuan Xu, Rowman & Littlefield, 2021, pp. 59–68.
CUNY Academic Works logoread in Academic Works

Nandi PrinceNandi Prince
Prince, N. (2021). Communicating to improve the lived experiences of learning during COVID-19. The Christian Librarian64(1), 5.

Prince, N. (2022). Women of Colour and Black Women Leaders are Underrepresented in Architectural Firms Featured in Key Trade Publications. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, 17(3), 138–140. https://doi.org/10.18438/eblip30180.
CUNY Academic Works logoread in Academic Works

Prince, N. (2023). Prince, N. (2023). What’s art got to do with politics? Show me the evidence. College & Research Libraries News84(1), 7. https://doi.org/10.5860/crln.84.1.7
CUNY Academic Works logoRead in Academic Works

Prince, N. 2022 PSC-CUNY Research Award recipient to fund research study: “Assessment of Students Research Practices who are Enrolled in an Evidence-Based Nursing Program.” Award #65088-00 53.

Junior Tidal
Junior Tidal

Tidal, J. (2021). Podcasting: A practical guide for librarians. Rowman & Littlefield.
CUNY Academic Works logoRead Ch. 1 in Academic Works

Almeida, N., & Tidal, J. (2022). Library Wayfinding and ESOL Students: Communication Challenges and Empathy-Based Intervention. portal: Libraries and the Academy22(2), 453-474. https://doi.org/10.1353/pla.2022.0025.
CUNY Academic Works logoRead in Academic Works

Pen by VectorsLab from Noun Project

New article: “The Iconography of an All-American Icon: Sailors, Homoeroticism, and Mid-Century Queer Cultural Politics.”

Kel Karpinski, Assistant Professor, Information Technology & Interlibrary Loan Librarian, recently published an article: “The Iconography of an All-American Icon: Sailors, Homoeroticism, and Mid-Century Queer Cultural Politics.” The Journal of American Culture 45, no. 4 (2022): 440–57. https://doi.org/10.1111/jacc.13419

cover of The Journal of American Culture

Describe your scholarship or creative work to someone unfamiliar with the field.
My research looks at sailors in the United States in the 1950s and 60s, and how the sailor has become a gay icon.


New encyclopedia article on the Coen Brothers’ “Hail, Caesar!”

Kel Karpinski, Assistant Professor, Information Technology & Interlibrary Loan Librarian, recently published an encyclopedia article: Karpinski, K. R. (2022). Hail, Caesar! In E. J. Dymond & S. J. Murguía (Eds.), The Encyclopedia of LGBTQIA+ Portrayals in American Film (pp. 162–167). Rowman & Littlefield.


The Encyclopedia of LGBTQIA+ Portrayals in American Film (cover)Describe your scholarship or creative work to someone unfamiliar with the field.
This piece looks at queer characters in the Coen Brothers’ film Hail, Caesar! (2016). The film takes place during the heyday of the Hollywood film studio and draws on many films from that time period during the 1930s and 40s.


Scholarly publishing workshops for Spring 2023

These workshops support your publishing and teach how to make yourself more visible and how to document the impact of your work.

Get Evidence! Scholarly Metrics for Your PARSE and CV
April 4, 11:00 AM-12:00 PM
Covers Google Scholar Profile for citations and Google Scholar for journal rankings, Scimago for journal rankings, Altmetric Attention Scores for social media, and download reports from Academic Works (and other repositories). We’ll also touch on finding individual journal acceptance rates as well as Journal Impact Factors. The workshop will briefly address books and book chapters as well.

Get Organized! Zotero Basics
Tuesday, April 25, 3:30-4:30 PM
Attendees will learn the capabilities of this powerful, free open-source reference management software program. The session covers the functionalities of the Zotero client, adding the Zotero plugin to your browser, and importing citations to generate a bibliography. To maximize our workshop time, please download Zotero from https://www.zotero.org and create your username and password in the Zotero client software by going to EDIT > PREFERENCES > >SYNC

Author Identifier (ORCID) for Publishing and Grantsmanship
(Express Workshop: 30 minutes)
Thursday May 4, 3:00-4:00 PM  
ORCID IDs are author identifiers. They are especially helpful to authors with names that are more common but they have other benefits including speedier registration in systems for submitting articles, reviewing, and grant applications. Grantees who use their ORCID when applying for a grant help to assure that funders connect your funding program to your scholarship. ORCID also helps potential funders to efficiently review your publications.

Who Is This Weird Publisher? Avoiding Predatory Journals and Conferences
Tuesday May 16, 2:30-3:30 PM
Predatory journals and conferences are a hot topic but frequently misunderstood. We’ll debunk some myths and learn more about predatory journal and conference characteristics as well as how to thoughtfully evaluate a journal or conference before submitting. This workshop will include hands-on activities.

Our Scholarly Publishing Clinic is available on-demand and during our office hour at 4 PM every first Tuesday of the month. We provide one-on-one consultations as well as workshops that fit your schedule. Find more scholarly communications and publishing support from the library on our website. Questions? Contact Prof. Monica Berger mberger@citytech.cuny.edu

The NYCCT Archives

New York City Community College Arts & Sciences newspaper Vol. 34, No. 5

City Tech’s Ursula Schwerin Library houses our university’s physical institutional archives. We maintain a collection of historical materials from City Tech and its previous permutations as an educational institution: the New York Trade School, Voorhees Technical Institute, and the New York City Community College. Materials in the archive include student records, administrative memos, correspondence, yearbooks, photographs, videocassettes, ephemera, and regalia. The Vogel Ophthalmology Collection is also housed in the archives.

New York City Community College Arts & Sciences newspaper Vol. 33, No. 7

This list of material doesn’t accurately capture how unique a place the archives truly is. In addition to technical equipment from courses in heating installation and technical drafting, we also have materials that capture social and political events on campus like our collection of student newspapers which highlight the power of student organizing and collaboration. In the 1960s, student groups like the Modern Jazz Club hosted concerts and events that modern music lovers would pay dearly to see – legends like Nina Simone performed in the former Klitgord Auditorium (students paid as little as $1.50!). Shirley Chisholm, a CUNY Brooklyn College alumna and the first Black female Presidential candidate,  gave what was surely a rousing speech on our campus.

Festival of the Arts Fall 1968 & Spring 1969 Concert Series

Each time I receive a request from a researcher, family member hoping to find evidence of their relative’s time here on campus, or former student seeking information on a class on their transcript I am carried back through time. Flipping through our collection of materials – photographs of old Brooklyn and campus life in the 70s, course materials from the 90s, newspapers spanning decades, committee agendas and meeting minutes – is transformative. I am  always so pleased when I am able to find a yearbook photo or course description to help the person in need. And I am never happier then when I come across evidence that a notable historical figure once stalked these familiar halls.

Fun tidbits of City Tech history will be featured in the monthly City Tech Communications Newsletter. To find out more about what’s in our – your – archival collection, schedule a visit. Perhaps you’ll uncover the perfect piece to be featured next?

To arrange a visit, consult our visitation policy and complete the Archives Use Form. And check out our library research guide for additional information.

Spotlight on: Black Thought and Culture

One of the databases that City Tech Library provides access to is Black Thought and Culture, provided by Alexander Street Press. You can head straight there at cityte.ch/bltc; if you’re off campus, you’ll be asked to log in with your CUNYfirst credentials.

Black Thought and Culture is an amazing place to explore primary source materials. Not only can you read hundreds of issues of the Black Panther newspaper, but this database also includes oral histories from the Columbia University Black Panther Project. Browse by content type and select “oral histories,” and then search “Black Panther” within these results.

Or, if you’re looking for material related to a specific place, browse by location to find primary source material related to black thought and culture in that place. Interested in Black history in Denmark? This database has details on Bobby Seale’s receipt of a peace prize from a Danish high school.

Another great browsing option is by title; selecting Crisis from a list of titles brings us to content from the official magazine of the NAACP, including a transcription of W.E.B DuBois’ report on the 1919 Pan African Congress.

Free CeCe Film Screening for Black History Month

The African American Studies department is hosting a screening of the documentary Free CeCe. The filmmaker, Jac Gares, will join for a discussion of this important film about a African American, bisexual, trans woman, and LGBTQ activist who is currently incarcerated after defending herself from an assault.

Where: Academic Complex Theater, followed by refreshments in A105

When: February 23rd at 12:45pm

Black History Month 2023

Black History Month is observed in the United States annually in February. President Ford declared the first national observation of Black History Month in 1976, saying “In the Bicentennial year of our Independence, we can review with admiration the impressive contributions of black Americans to our national life and culture… I urge my fellow citizens to join me in tribute to Black History Month and the message of courage and perseverance it brings to all of us.”

This year’s theme is Black Resistance: A Journey to Equality. February 2023 is a time to honor the many battles fought and won by Black Americans, despite the unjust and often brutal racism they faced and continue to face. According to the Association for the Study of African American Life and History, “Black people have sought ways to nurture and protect Black lives, and for autonomy of their physical and intellectual bodies through armed resistance, voluntary emigration, nonviolence, education, literature, sports, media, and legislation/politics. Black led institutions and affiliations have lobbied, litigated, legislated, protested, and achieved success.”

There are many stories of Black Resistance from the United States, and from around the world. Here are just a few selections from Swank, one of the City Tech Library’s streaming video collections.

Swank is only available to current City Tech students and faculty. To view films from off-campus:

Click on Swank.
Enter your CUNYfirst credentials.
Click on the Student or Instructor buttons depending on your classification.
Click on the film you would like to watch.