New book by Junior Tidal–Podcasting: A practical guide for librarians

A photo of Prof. Junior Tidal Junior Tidal, Associate Professor, Multimedia & Web Services Librarian, recently published a monograph: Tidal, J. (2021). Podcasting: A practical guide for librarians. Chicago: Rowman & Littlefield. A sample chapter, What Is a Podcast?, is freely available from Academic Works.

In 2-3 sentences, describe your scholarship or creative work to someone unfamiliar with the field.
This book is a primer on podcasting, specifically intended for librarians and library workers. It not only provides the technical process of recording a podcast and posting it on the Internet, but also explains how to promote the podcast, what to podcast about, where to podcast, and how to even incorporate videocasts.

What makes you particularly proud of this work?
I feel like podcasting is a low barrier medium to access, and is especially critical in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s another way for libraries to connect with their communities. I am also especially proud of this work because it I wrote it exclusively during the pandemic.

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