Urban Walking Prompt

We, as the New Yorker spend three or more hours on traffic every day, either on train or car. We seriously did not spend much time on walking. I agree with the article, “Urban Walking isn’t just Good For Soul. It could Save Humanity” on the opinion, “Walking is the best way of getting to know a place, too.” Once you walk, your movement will be slowed down and you can have a chance to know the beauty of some places which you never realize since you were always in the car. It will not like when you were in the train, every scene was like a shortcut and pass so fast, we don’t even have a chance to focus on the detail, but you can see a bigger picture once you walk instead of driving. And that’s why I really enjoy the period between leaving my house and reaching the train station. I will exit my house earlier so I don’t need to be rush and I can walk slowly and find out what’s new around my house.

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