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Podcast Response

What do you think the speakers and interview subjects did particularly well to communicate their ideas? What questions do you still have, or what do you think they could have explained better? Feel free to link to 1-2 of your favorite podcasts if you regularly listen to ones you want to share.

I chose to listen to the podcast of “East New York, did it work?” I like this podcast since the speaker did a great job so that we could hear a lot of opinions from people living around East New York. Through the interview, we felt a sense of the shortage of affordable housing in New York. He did great on defining the true meaning of affordable which was so controversial, which means is the word, affordable works for those rich people or those people with low income.

Urban Walking Prompt

We, as the New Yorker spend three or more hours on traffic every day, either on train or car. We seriously did not spend much time on walking. I agree with the article, “Urban Walking isn’t just Good For Soul. It could Save Humanity” on the opinion, “Walking is the best way of getting to know a place, too.” Once you walk, your movement will be slowed down and you can have a chance to know the beauty of some places which you never realize since you were always in the car. It will not like when you were in the train, every scene was like a shortcut and pass so fast, we don’t even have a chance to focus on the detail, but you can see a bigger picture once you walk instead of driving. And that’s why I really enjoy the period between leaving my house and reaching the train station. I will exit my house earlier so I don’t need to be rush and I can walk slowly and find out what’s new around my house.

Homework#1 Do we have a right to say when facing the change of cities

Through watching the films of “My Brooklyn” and “Citizen Jane: Battle for the City”, we see that it is impossible to avoid the changes along with the developments of cities. As we see, most power which used to decide a change was held by the government or some other industries. Old streets and old systems created a specific environment and safety for our public life, however, when it becomes an obstacle for the development of a city, personal property or privatization will no longer be respected. We appreciate what had done by Jane on battling on the decision of tearing up the entire neighborhood. Without her hard work, we would not know what New York would be like today. Still no one will blame on the heavy traffic in New York today because that was how it is like always. But this situation will not last forever, since people and city are always counted as a whole and the thoughts of people are always keep changing, the original cities will be changed along with the developments of society eventually.