HW#1-Gordon Parks

Lorena Gonzalez
Photography II
Professor. Robin Michals

In this photo we see a profile image of Watson taken by Gordon Park in1942. The image of Watson takes place when Gordon Parks went to Washington DC to start is career. He came across her and asked her if it was okay to get a picture taken of her. He started documenting the African-American community. The image taken by Gordon Parks American Gothic. 1942 has a nice image of Watson profile. We see a picture of her holding a broom and a mop one in each hand with a American Flag in the background. She is dressed as if she was a janitor with a dress on and glasses. She doesn’t look very happy about her job. There is a Pattern in the background with the American Flag lines and the stars. There’s also a bit of contrast in the image. The image is in black and white but you can see some of the shadows on her face that look dark close to black and the white lines in the background and highlight on one side of her face.

So this Image by Gordon Parks American Gothic.1942 has a history behind it. Gordon Parks is a photographer who took pictures of the African- American Community life and culture in the early 1940s to late 2000s. This image of Ella Watson by Gordon Parks is a representation of an American black worker working in Washington, DC. I see this image expresses how she felt while she was at work.

Midterm Project Statement

Lorena Gonzalez

Midterm Statement


Midterm Project statement:


In my opinion I feel like racial profiling is a major social issue. Just racism itself is a very big issue especially in New York which is diverse city, and the increase of racial profiling has gone up a lot. But being more specific I feel like racial profiling is a social issue that still happens but has not been something that has been changed. It leads to many other problems such as hate crimes, racism and bullying too. So to be exact with what racial profiling is, it means when you suspect someone has done something bad or is “bad” by their race or ethnicity. Like you kind of assume something suspicious by their profile, their physical appearance. I feel like it’s an issue that does not get enough attention but I feel like it is a major issue which leads to racism and hate crime. I wouldn’t say that it’s relevant to my life but it’s something I have witnessed or probably experienced once in my life. I feel like it has to do a lot with gender also. Racial profiling is important and should actually get more attention to stop the issue because it leads to more problems. If this never happened people would not feel offended and safe walking anywhere without being stopped. There wouldn’t be any assumptions of anyone because of their race or ethnicity. If racial profiling didn’t exist there wouldn’t be hate crimes or people offending others. So it’s important to stop the racial profiling because it would prevent illegal descrimination, it affects minorities and immigrant communities. It is unfair because many may feel targeted. It also breaks that trust and safety barrier, for example, when living in New York where we should feel safe and protected by police officers, some of us New Yorkers feel ashamed or embarrassed because some of them experience that on a daily basis and are treated as if there are some kind of “dangerous” or suspicious person. But Here is a link where you can read some stories on racial profiling and what it is and some more about it. 








ADV1100 Project # 3: collage






Broad collage

Broad collage

This is my collage I try to make it broad with having my focal point on the bottom right corner. I did a change in value from very dark black to very light gray. So I thought doing that will help make it broad.

ADV 1100 Project # 3: Gray scale




Gray scale.

Gray scale.

project #2 ENG1101: Reflection

After completing project # 2 I was told to write a 900 word essay of comparing my location to consensus whiteheads NY. I had to look at my juxtaposition and explain a little of how its my new York and to get to know the area a little more around city tech. I was to look at my juxtaposition a describe how I consider it my NY just like coksen whoethead described his NY in “City Limits”. I actually learned a little of the area of city tech. I also learned that when you actually focus one thing one you can actually start noticing something you never paid so much attention to. I proud that I was able to do my draft. I feel like I would want someone to read it so I can fix it and make some changes or probably I n guy have to add some stuff. What I found helpful was getting an idea of how to structure my paragraphs. I probably took like about an hour and a half the most like two hours.





ENG1101 Project # 2: Final

Everyone has there own New York. New York is made up of so many different cultures and over time new tok keeps expqndind and changing. Just like colsen white head explain his new York. His new York is way different than mine New York, your new York and from everyone else’s. He explain how his new York changed a lot. Golden whitehead accepts his new York and thinks his new York is more real than the new York now. New York has so many places to go that I probably never been to. But just looking at one thing and another and trying to put them next to each other may give me a different view of things and how new York was like before.

In my justaposition I see what use to be a very old bank that is now a food market. As I walk into that place once I can still see the image of a bank in there. The ceilng, the light and the way it was structured into a bank is still the same. wayeveb on the outside of the food market it still looks the same. But people decided to close the bank and make it into a market. Which means that what was there before is no longer there. even just look around the area does not seem so busy as when you walk down Fulton street. It’s more of a non busy street compared to Fulton. Just to relate to what golden white head said ” we can never say a proper goodbye”. ” I never got a chance to say goodbye to some of my old buildings”. New York changes you can never know when something is gone untill you see it’s no longer there. I think of it like me going to city tech now will always be there until I graduate and even after I leave. But lets say years from now its no longer there it’s something else than city tech. What use to be there now has changed to something else completely.

Now when you walk to the corner it used to be a bank it seems like the place has become more of a business area. There’s a big market on the corner then there’s other business next to it going all the way down to Fulton street. It’s like the area has gotten a little more busier and more people working in the area. In some way it expanded more into a commericial area. Just like when colsen whitehead said ” your favorite newsstands, restaurant, movie theater, subway stations and barbershops are replaced by your next neighborhood’s favorite”. More people coming into new York the more culture and more of a variety and there will affect the area around it too. It was a non busy area that now became more busy because of all the business around and more people working in the area too. It feels like it grew in such little time. It’s like your gone for a while then all of a sudden when you return everything looks different and changed a lot.

But colsen whitehead’s new York is sort of different to the new York now. Like the way he described his new York seems like new York changed a lot. Like how he used to call the MetLife building the Pan Amma building. But now its considered the Met life building. Just like I still thought that the market still is a bank to me. But now its a market. There’s not much of a difference with the building it self but what the company was changed to something else. Which is kind of hard to believe that a bank rhatvwas therebyears ago is now turned into a food market. Like when it was under construction someone could’ve thought it was going to be a new look of the bank but its now a trader’s Joe. But even walking around the area like around court street it seems like There’s a different at one point. Like when I was walking around in the neighborhood there was some houses and it seem more quite but as I was walking back it seemed a little bit noisier, busier, and more crowded. For some reason I felt like I was in Manhattan walking on 14th street. But it was actuallyin Brooklyn on court street. I think of it as new York will never look the same. What is there now won’t last for a long time. But overall new York will always keep growing and have a new look.


New York is a place that will always keepp changing. The more people coming in the more of new York will expanded into different ideas and old building being replaced by new ones. But your own New York will always be different from someone else’s new York.Just like Whitehead his new York is different from someone who just comes to visit new York like a tourist. But generally talking about a juxtaposition from someone else’s justapostion is different. The way someone can view it  may have a different view than what others might see. And even though you live in New York not everyone know everything about new York. There could’ve been places I never been to that someone elsse been too before. But because new York is so big there is so much to learn and experience new things. New York will always continue to grow and change.





ADV1100 Project # 3 High/Low key photo



High key.

this is a photo of a high key even though it’s not so bright but from the light of window it makes into a high key. It sort of looks more like a light grey mixed with a white. It’s not a low because key because it’s not dark. Maybe just in some parts like the steps.  It sort of makes me think of something empty, silence, alone.  The light part have some sort of positive feeling like it feels like there’s a way out. The dark shaded parts seems like it comes to an end. Like on the top of the stairs is where it ends but it has a dark grey. This one seems like it mighT have a pattern with the continuous lines on the wall and in the stairs.


Low key

Low key

This photo is a low key photo. Low key is just dark even though the phot does have a white line it still has a dark background. It does have a little light grey reflecting from the light to the wall.  This low key image makes me feel like something creepy or it feels like I’m blind. It sounds quiet. I think of the white light sort of being the focal point because that’s the only thing that stand out the most because it’s the bright thing there. It does have three different colors white, black and a dark grey and a little pattern.
















Eng 1101 project# 2 Draft

In New York there is and will always be a history left behind. It can be the “old” New York or the “New” New York. The Old t New York can be someone who lived centuries ago. Just Like Colsen whiteheads talks about In “City Limits” his new York is the Old New York. not everyone’s New York is the same as others. There could’ve been something that was there years ago that isn’t there now. The way things looked now is probably way different then what it looked years ago. Everyone living and king into New York will always have there won New York. Some might say that the New York in 2001 was way better than the New York in 2012. There could’ve been a drastic change.

Just like my location I choosed in New York close by City Tech in Brooklyn. my location is on court street and Atlantic Avenue. My location is a place where is sort of relates to Colsen whitehead like when he says ” the travel agency that replaced the pizza parlor”. Right on court street and Atlantic if you stand on the corner you see a trader’s Joe before them it was a bank. So the bank was replaced with a for market. You would never thought that a bank would be closed knowing that it’s a bank where people have there money saved. So it sort of similar to what Colsen white head says because overtime as years go by there’s always new ideas new arrangements, new building, business getting shutdown being replaced by another business. Another thing Colsen whitehead says to “I never got a chance to say goodbye to some of my old buildings”  you would never know when you favorite pizza shop that you always being going to since you lived in the neighborhood would just close without evening saying goodbye. But New York will always continue to grow. There will always be a variety of things from the different cultures we have from people coming here to live.

The location I went to explore to also shows how the neighborhood has a quite peaceful side and walking to other side is more of a busy business type or area. So it relates to Whitehead when he says that “you stepped out of penn station into the dizzying hustle of eighth avenue and fainted”. He describes as if that place was really crowded and busy. Just like at my location where you see a lot more people. Sometimes it’s crowded to even walk straight. That’s the business/ commercial side where there’s a lot of stores there just like when I walked back to the school I walked a little on Fulton and all you see if stores lined up next to each other. So I would say that walking on Fulton is sort of like wasting on 14th street or Times Square in manhattan. There’s always quite a few of people walking, shopping and maybe even going to work or at home.

But I wouldn’t say my New York is the same as Colsen whitehead’s New York. Maybe his New York is the “old” New York and my New York is the “new” new york for me. From what he said in the short story seems like to has changed to something else. Just like when he still says ” the Pan Am building” instead saying the met Life building. But let’s say now when I would to see the building I would say it’s the met life building because that’s how I would know of it I wasn’t there years ago to see what it was before. Like he said ” the New York City you live in is not my New York City”. And he is right because my New York City is way different than his. I may like my New York now then what it was before because I was never there to experience the ole New York. I may not the New York City that comes after this one. I might not like the changes I might still be use to my New York and not the new one in the future.

My New York May be a lot different than someone else’s New York. But not just there New York but the location they choose. There maybe a lot more houses, parks than stores. For my location there wasn’t really much skyscraper just like Whitehead described his New York. The way he described his New York seems a lot more different then what I saw at my location. I’m really well known with the location but from what I sort of know its seems as if everything is still the same and I don’t think there has been a placed that been replaced by something else. But I know that sometime in a few year if I were to walk back to that location it would change and have a different look. Or it can possibly stay the way it is now.

Not everyone’s new New York is the same to others. People see there New York differently. There New York might be just like Whitehead’s New York where they saw everything that was there before it was replaced with what is there now. Just like if tourist where to come here to New York there going to see what is here now. They might say that this is there New York now.