Media extends humanity in general by creating constant change within the individual as well as their environment. According to McLuhan the medium plays a role that affects society based on its characteristics rather than the content which is why he claims that the medium is the message. The hazards that technological progress might bring for individuals and society is the “reshaping and restructuring patterns of social interdependence and every aspect of our personal life”. 

By this, McLuhan believes that the technological progress not only affects society but individuals and in this sense creating a “global village”. Not only does it change on how we think and do things but also how we interact with each other. McLuhan believes that electric technology is detribalizing civilization,making it more influential. Additionally, the role that artists and designers can play in creating new messages is altering the medium itself to create different content. 

The work of a designer is subordinate to the media they use to create or distribute information because as one message is being expressed there is another issue that comes up that also needs to be spread, suggesting that we focus on one thing at a time. Designers use social media, campaign advertisement, print and digital to communicate a message. Each is a medium and according to McLuhan it is the message. In these mediums any content expressed can alter people’s behavior. These contents can be either good or bad and to McLuhan electric technology can be a “threat to civilization”. These mediums can create for instance fake news but it is a designer’s duty to create designs that is communicating the public’s demands.