Media and technology extends human beings and humanity by being a means of communication. This has always been the case as the alphabet has been early means of technological advancements. However, the progression of technology does form some hazards for youth and society, this is because “youth instinctively understands the present environment- the electric drama.” What this means is that the youth is better equipped for technological advancements. This can be seen with any everyday thing such as a cell phone. For instance, when picture an elderly person using a cell phone they can’t work it properly without assistance meanwhile an individual in their youth can adapt to any phone much more easily. This type of scenario can create a division in society through ageism.

    Today’s youth no longer rely on their family for teachings. This is because in this day and age anything can be found online. You can learn how to do anything online because there will most surely be a YouTube video on how to do it. Even now during this pandemic all teaching is done online. Human services and becoming more scarce. Technology’s evolution has overtaken the youth, education, and work from society. It is hard to tell if this is helpful or is damaging society making it lazy and too reliant or dependent on technology.

    Even though the advancements have some steps backwards it does create some steps forwards. We are way more easily connected via email or text or video call. This alternative is way better than the past where sending a letter would have days gaps in between meanwhile now the connection is instant. However, this simultaneously also has it’s down side as it creates the feeling of needing instant communication or gratification. So in the end the evolution of technology is honestly a win lose situation.