Language is a system in which connections are made through shared messages or ideas. The universal system of language consists of verbal, written and symbolic methods that are used to communicate. In order for connections to be made, all participants must be familiar and understand the specific words that are being used. Without that familiarity or mutual understanding, communication is lost and conflict can arise. What separates language from other forms of communication, is the fact that you truly have to understand the meaning of the words that the language consists of and how to correctly use them. 

Essentially, language is the basis behind symbols or icons. We understand common symbols or icons by connecting what is being depicted or represented to the words of our specific language, yet we do not have to speak the same language to use the same symbols or icons to communicate. Words that form a language are unique to that specific language, while icons or symbols can be seen as more universal and easy to comprehend. Icons and symbols tend to be literal and depict exactly what it represents,. For example, we can assume that an icon depicting a flame is expressing that something is very hot. Two people do not have to speak the same language to both understand that the flame equates to that surface or object to being hot and that they should proceed with caution. 

Signifiers, the signified and the sign are the main components of successful communication, they work together to get spread ideas and messages. The signifier is the sound associated with that idea or concept, while the signified is the actually concept. The sign combines both elements of the signifier and the signified to create an object that represents something unique. In relation to design and graphic communication, this is the root of logo design and branding, to construct a concept that is so unique and specific, it can be easily recognized. 

Language has shaped design historically, being one of the main components of sharing messages or ideas. Through language, communication can be made and brands can appeal to the masses. In today’s culture, where social media is dominant and everything is shared at a fast pace, language does play a key role, but we are continuing to stray away from the use of use of words. Logos, icons, easy to understand visuals is what is works in today’s culture, where popular trends and technology continues to advance rapidly and people continue to have short attention spans. 

What I found to be most interesting from the readings was given that language is something that inherited, the question that lingers is whether or not the laws of the language that are passed down can be modified. I do think as time progresses and advances are made through generations, these laws that shared do change in some ways, whether intentional or not.