Prior to the readings I just never gave language much credit. I guess because it’s so natural. You either have an interest in learning another language or it’s taught to us from birth, where we naturally overtime grasp onto words, sounds and images. From the readings, Language is a combination of various forms, part inherited and part environmental. It is a set of rules that changes per generation, but it is not living. Only contains the potential life because of time, which is based on the principle of continuity.

Language is distinguishable because it is the system/tool used to communicate. Communication is a way to exchange information. The signified is the concept of the thing, and the signifier is the auditory image association. I associated signs to icons and logos because the language of symbols is silent. It’s viewed not spoken; no matter the size, you need to be able to distinguish what it represents. In addition language influences design. Symbols and Icons are used to convey the communication in a simplified form. Some becoming timeless and universal. For example a pictograph of man and women, is an ideograph of toilets. If/when traveling those same symbols are in airports, hotels and restaurants regardless of the native language. I believe we can accomplish what language can not through design, for example Braille is designed for those blind.

What I found interesting was how writing is assumed to be graphic design because it consists of lines drawn on a flat plane. This was interesting to me because we all have a different handwriting. We learn the same language/system of letters but it has its own individualism by the way we apply pressure to the pen and paper.

For todays complex world language and design are still are the forefront. As humans we have a need for communication. Universal design allows for language barriers to be broken down. Design is forever changing; but just like language there is a foundation of basics traveling through generations. [However there will always be someone judging the design and asking is the design ethical to their culture?]