According to both Armstrong and Munari, designers should design with purpose and play a beneficial role within society. To be informative and present relevant ideas without bias or personal feelings, is the most successful way to contribute to society. Munari directly expresses this concept when he states, “the designer is therefore the artist of today, not because he is a genius but because he works in such a way as to reestablish contact between art and the public…” (32). With this in mind, a sense of harmony amongst functionality and aesthetic can be made when designing. What distinguishes the field or fields of design from other creative occupations, is the need to maintain relevancy. Views and opinions are forever changing, designers have to keep up with trends.

Designers should concern themselves with unsolvable theoretical questions, that way they are able to play a relevant role in their field and be able to seek inspiration by questioning the known. When one thinks outside of the box, they are able to expand their perspective and come up with new ideas and concepts. According to Armstrong, the role technology plays in shaping design is enabling “a new kind of universal language…” (13). Through technology, designers are able to direct their focus on their content and message. They are given the opportunity to focus on imperative issues, such as “sustainability and social justice” (13). With the help of technology, artists are able to access a variety of sources and programs. This is a huge benefit and allows designers to create a faster pace. 

The most urgent problems facing designers today are the challenges of creating work that is relevant, yet conjures new ideas/concepts and being able to adapt and change to the fast paced environment. As Armstrong stated, “Technology is fundamentally altering our culture,” (9). The world of design consists of a wide range of techniques and ideas that help us express our ideas and spread the message we intended to. We need prepare for what is to come in the future, while being aware of what is currently happening.