Design plays a crucial role as a mediator between functionality, aesthetics, and society that creates balance all around us. Modern artists are called designers, who share a purpose of establishing a connection between art and the public, while being aware of feelings, and needs, they also carry the responsibilities to respond to demand, and solve problems to better life.

Designers are trained to be open minded and thrive on creativity. It allows them to envision products, and scenarios which makes them capable of understanding society’s needs, and solve issues by using different methods and technology. One of the tools that designers use is visual language, which consists of signs, colors, and symbols. They help convey messages in the most sufficient and efficient way, and change based on daily needs. Meaning, back in the 1900’s we didn’t have cars or highways, so the need to use symbols along the road didn’t exist, where now signs are used to direct or even alert drives before they get into a construction zone, or a steep road. 

Along with visual language, technology is another tool that helps empower designers who actually carry the responsibility to engage more culturally, politically, and create thought provoking conversations in manners that are at the forefront such as sustainability and social justice. Designers can advocate, promote, share and even reach out to people from different cultures, and countries. 

And although technology is helpful and plays a crucial role in design, it is also design that plays a great role in technology. Similar to what came first, ‘the chicken or the egg’, we have machines such as X-ray that allow us to see beyond our physical capabilities, and yet a designer had to think, plan, test and build such a machine to answer the demands of people who’re having internal pain. 

Designers carry one main responsibility and it is to keep the world moving. They are always up to date with technology, social issues, and different trends. They help raise awareness, highlight issues, solve problems and engage with society by using a visual language to convey/ deliver a message. Designers think, observe, search, plan, and strategize, so our beliefs, and dreams would turn into reality, so we don’t compromise but advance and learn.