In these two readings, the authors think that the role of design play in society is to draw people’s attention to new information and development that is currently happening. Over the years new cultures arise and change the view on things. It is shown when designers create designs during that time or era. In order to distinguish the fields of design from other creative occupations is that in the design field there are branches such as environmental design, communication design, and industrial design.  

Designers concern themselves with an unsolvable theoretical question is because the design has multiple possibilities one person alone can’t discover it on their own every person is different and thinks differently which means they learn something that you didn’t or acquire unique techniques and ideas that can help further develop your design. This can help create potential solutions that can solve social problems that communicate well. As technology evolves over time designers notice it has made it easier to create or develop their design easier as well as efficient. The urgent problems facing designers today is creating content that speak to the target audience and develop a personal brand of design. In a career in design, there has been a case where the designer would design something and not receive credit for or design something for one client and some other company person would copy it or use it for their solution. Over time designers found waves to prove ownership or proof of creating the design. 

As designer why are we responsible for solving problems that need attention because we want to help communicate with the community to deliver the message that people can understand and easier to see on common day objects from magazines to posters to billboards. As a designer, it has become our prime goal to design a solution that would affect or change the community that can be can display beautify over any object that can grab the audience’s attention.

– Daniel Rodriguez