Designers role in society is to make everything in the surroundings eligible to use and aesthetically pleasing, a designer should always be looking for problems to solve in society and come up with the appropriate solution. What distinguishes the field of design from other creative occupations is that for example and engineer main objective is the functionality of whatever he is designing and an artist is looking for the abstract beasty as referred to in Munari’s Design as art which is to my understanding beauty just for the sake of it there is no function to it but a designer has to combine both function and beauty to successfully accomplish his job.

Technology changed the field of design forever and by technology I don’t just mean computers and social media, no I mean every technological leap that helped open a designers mind to new things that designers back in the day had no access to, social media and the internet in general helped shape the design world into a world of independency, you no longer need a publisher or a place to go to show your work, every design now has a platform. “Digital technology puts creation, production, and distribution into the hands of the designer.”- Helen Armstrong

Designers should concern themselves with unsolvable theoretical questions because they help with creativity and makes you pause to reflect and ask a question and find problems to solve. Designers solve problems by looking at the subject at hand from every position and creating a strategy to solve the problem.