In today’s society, designers represents an important play role when it comes to advertising and communicating verbally or non-verbally. I think the importance of communication gives designers a chance to spread their message visually and metaphorically, if they acknowledge his or her community. In terms of theoretical questioning, designers have a responsibility for knowing how and why their techniques and/or artwork plays an important role in society.

Technology has dramatically evolve and so as it has dramatically change the ways for designers. It gives the benefit for many designers to expand their creativity and knowledge, motivating many new artists to expand their ideas and develop their own styles in terms of design. I am sure that their are many designers who are baffled by the questioning of theory and its a important consideration to understand the function and the psychological elements. Networking with other designers increases the mobility and the workflow to be more convenient when it comes to research, reference, ideas, theories, etc.

Finding a solution for a problem is a responsibility for a designer because designers are capable of identifying a problem based on his/ her environment. The importance of visual elements such as objects, color, mood, size and more is crucial because these elements affect the way how viewers identifies the big picture and their ways of identifying the message that these designers feature. A common problem that designer need to face is the lack of specification towards his/ her artwork, giving a clear meaning of their message because their are most designer today that can’t explain their artwork and when they interview for a job, it is mostly likely to be rejected. Specifying the message of the artwork is important to reassure the designer and the viewer that this display is meant focus and solve the problem, and easier enough for everyone to clearly understand its entirely.