Andy Cuevas – April 28th

According to Heller, contemporary design is shaped by the underground advertisement. The underground designers at all times are the source of mainstream design. Their information is sometimes stolen, redesigned, and used for commercial use. For that reason, without underground designers, then the mainstream designs might not be appealing to most people.

The art design to be addressed is the use of artwork and drawings by most people. In most cases, drawing art belong to underground design. Most people do not understand the meaning in the drawing art hence becoming less used in the current design. Despite the low popularity of drawing art used in the advertisements, they have more information and more appealing. For a long time since the introduction of technology in the world, people have been using other art designs to impress people for buying. To break the monotony and bring change in design art, most people should embrace the use of drawing, which would be more appealing to people.

Notably, drawing artwork shows creativity and innovation. When drawings are done in the right way, it is impressive and attractive to many people. Although drawing is not accompanied by music and other graphics, the message in it is attractive.  People have been used to different designs that have become common in recent times. Drawings have been there even at the old times and were used to portray message which can be related in recent times. For that reason, applying the new technology and allowing for innovation, drawings should be embraced to improve the underground design of artwork. When well-articulated, it will gain popularity and break the monotony of the recent design.


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