Alexis Vega Velez- March 17th

I believe that media extends human being or humanity in general in a few ways but also takes away from human being and their humanity. Media extends human beings by giving them a way of communicating and creating without a typical pen and paper but I agree when they state that “We are too prone to make technological instruments the scapegoats for the sins of those who wield them.” Ever since technology has presented itself in our world, we have taken it with open arms and accepted it as a way to get everything faster and more efficient but what it is actually doing is limiting our creativity and our judgement on what works within the graphic design world and what doesn’t. Media extends humans in the sense that the medium they use is not the only medium they are using. For example, the written word is the content of print and the content of written word is speaking.

The hazards that technological progress bring to individuals and society in the “electric age” is the idea that structure and configuration are the two main ideas for creating that this is all they teach students in class. Which was point in our Bauhaus reading when they stated that going to school doesn’t make you an artist. “If it works its obsolete,” this is the idea that is being placed into the minds of the current age but this is not true. In another article that was read in class, it stated that even though a solution works, doesn’t mean it is the right one. Technology itself is growth and change but what they don’t understand is the extend of the growth and the understanding of change.

Artists, in creating new ideas, can take on technology and utilize it in a way to stay afloat in the design world. It is our duty to adapt to the new things in life especially if it impacts our profession. “The artist is the man in any field, scientific or humanistic, who grasps the implications of his actions and of new knowledge in his own time. He is the man of integral awareness.” This means the person, no matter what field they are in, understanding who they are and what the world is giving them is a true artist.

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