Anthony Delbrun – February 11th

Reading “COURSE IN GENERAL LINGUISTICS” by Ferdinand De Saussure was very puzzling for me. I don’t even know where to start. I’ve heard the word linguistics before but never knew what it means until now. This article has different definitions of linguistics but I think the main explanation of linguistics is to determine and trace the history of all languages universally.


How are language, graphic communication and visual arts related to or distinct from one another? The three of them are related to each other because they involve symbols, expression and creativity for everyone globally. How the three are distinct from one another is visual arts is more solely on having to get messages by yourself without any words involved.


Up to the part where the article talks about languages and speeches I was kind of able to understand it. One part says, “no one has proved that speech, as it manifests itself when we speak, is entirely natural, i.e. that our vocal apparatus was designed for speaking just as our legs were designed for walking.” I don’t think our vocal apparatus was designed for speaking only. It was designed for singing, making music, doing voice overs and etc. Plus, our legs where designed to not only walk but run, tap dance, climb and etc. Overall, this article had me confused but some parts were understandable.

Author: Anthony D

My name is Anthony Delbrun. I got my name from the biblical Saint of Padua Anthony. I was born on April 26th, 1999 at Kings County Hospital at approximately 5:27pm. I lived in Brooklyn, NY, USA for all my life but as for my parents they were born in Haiti. I come from a Haiti background but I barely speak the language. As a young boy growing in East Flatbush, I was a shy boy who didn't speak up for myself until the age of 7. What made me enroll in the Communication Design field is my passion for videogames and drawing. While growing I never really had a career decided for myself. The fact that there were so many jobs out there to my liking I couldn't choose. First I wanted to work at a pizzeria since I love to eat pizza. Second, I wanted to be a scientist because I wanted to make a time machine and take a blast from the past. Now we ALL know that's not possible. Lastly, I made up a fantasy career of becoming a “Bus-Driver-Crasher” meaning I'd drive a bus and crash into many objects and people. That had to be one of the dumbest ideas for a career ever! But since I was a little boy at that time I made it up, that's fine. It wasn't until my cousin from my dad's side who introduced me to videogames and drawing. From there on I experienced a passion for them, thus motivated me to become a Graphic Designer in videogames. Plus I wanted some excitement in my life. My skills are average but I’m still learning some techniques here and there so they will be useful in this field. A tagline to remember me is this: “Hard-work beats natural talent!” Also, I have an addiction to Japanese Anime! Look at my profile picture for example.

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