February 4th

While reading Helen Armstrong, Graphic Design Theory. I really got inspired by the definition of “Theory “which is questioning “why”. I believe as a designer we basically ask ourselves why it works. Why is this design attractive and by asking out selves why?  We learn from our mistakes and we basically start looking for inspiration. I also remember in one of my typography design we were required to design a book cover, after doing the first draft we had to stop and look and ask why?. I also liked how she expressed the process of being a designer is on focusing on the “How”. It’s true after we know “why” we usually think about the “How”. Like for example how to use to this certain design or how to use the software. When we know the “How” by that it impacts use as designer to become better and more inspiring.

Another thing that inspired me while reading Graphic design theory, I Liked the quote that “In the early 1900” As graphic design took shape as a profession, the ideal of objectivity replaced that of subjectivity”. I think this quote is a lesson for contemporary designer. It teaches that not because it feels good that it has to be right. And I think that that’s how designers are being taught. I remember in one of my communication design class I was so determined to use a script font because I thought that it was nice. However, after doing the project it was not nice. Then I learned that not because it subjective doesn’t mean its objective.

In the reading Ellen Lupton & J. Abbott Miller, Counting Sheep, Period Styles, Language of Dreams and Language of Vision from Design Writing Research: Writing on Graphic Design. We as contemporary designer we learn from books from ancient history. Like for example Period style, Greek history. We designers learned from them. We learned that a group of horizontal lines equal to a paragraph. we also learned all basic principles of typography from ancient Greek.

Without the old writing and printing techniques, Graphic design wouldn’t have become modern and contemporary designers became inspiring.

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