Javion Bailey Oct 7

The key elements lacking in the art of the past is the freedom to express art in unconventional ways. Artists of the past were too consumed with following the rules of that the ones before them set. Because of this art became to rigid fixed on an objective view on art. Also because of the language barrier, art from different countries couldn’t be expressed well to the common masses that didn’t indulge themselves in foregin art. This excluded people except for the ones in the higher echelon of critics for those certain types of art.

What is necessary for future art is the ability to express what one is trying to get across but to not fall into exclusivity. There needs to be a universal connection. Because of communication becoming more international, art cannot just be catered to one area or group. Also, another necessity, would be to take what the past had built up and mold into your own. Meaning craft your new ideas while still grounding yourself in the inventions of the older generations. This will create a balance in art. It will mix the previous notion of purity, giving it structure and promote forward thinking.

The academy should teach the students how to work on I believe that the academy should teach artists the value of making art universal. This will lead to a system that makes use of different cultures and provides a language that all can understand through the medium of art. Today we have  something like this expressed through the internet and social websites.

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