Avion Bailey (October 7)

In the passage written by Herbert Bayer he touches on the idea of Universal Communication. He states “for a long time to come we will accept the existence of different languages now in use. this will continue to pose barriers to communication, even after improved”. I find this statement very pretentious. I don’t believe it is as simple to say we “accept the existence” of these different languages but we more or less respect the existence of these different languages. Behind these languages carries a lot of culture and emotion. To discuss it so matter-of-factly or just as a faze in human society does not shed light on how grand these different languages are.

Though, I do agree with him on the first move towards universal communication have been made by artists and designers. What could not be solved verbally has been solved visually. The problem with language when it comes to communication, it is not universal itself. Phrases, phonetics, context, etc have all been formed into this large homogeneous mass in which just knowing the words isn’t enough. You have to be present and willing to learn. 

I personally believe that the sole purpose of art is to communicate the abstract. Abstract concepts and executions used to explain abstract ideas. It helps to send messages of the intangible, such as thoughts, feelings, emotions. Things we all possess and are hard to confuse. When someone displays an emotion, such as anger, their expression, demeanor, and attitude have already expressed that to you before words. Something that can’t always be translated by words, but by being shown.         

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