Dennis U. September 16

  1. The difference between semiology and linguistics is that one speaks for it self and the other show’s sign to get the meaning. In the reading it gave examples of how linguistics is used for to describe something or what the reading say’s” to delimit and define itself. How the reading describes linguistics, as tool for design is to tell and describe with words so it can be understood and what is trying to say. However, it is much different with semiology where it deals with signs instead of speaking. This is mostly used in art where there is no words but to look and see what does it mean but describe what it actually is. After all, in the article it say’s that sense there wasn’t any science back then people well had to result in pictures or sign to understand what it means. Even though they both function differently they both have a similar idea where it is trying to make a point and this technique is used to help with designers.
  2. The semiology of signs is used for today. For example, street signs it show’s that to be aware of people crossing or bump signs which help the drivers to slow down. The reason we have these sign is to drive safety and make sure there wasn’t any accidents. As a gamer as myself there is the rating system which show the violence that it has. The rating system is used for kids to much sure to not play the violent games. The meaning of signs just helps people to understand what to do because when someone sees the sign that person knows what to do.
  3. Signs may say something but it helps communicate that this is bad or this is good. After all, there are people who are deaf that can even hear but with signs it helps to understand better so they can relied on that then with hearing. Another, way it communicates even at the plane where the signs show the seat belts and something else I forgot the other sign. Over all, signs are a message to are brain where it tells us that sense I saw that sign it’s safe or not.
  4. Back to the first question that even though language, graphic communication and visual arts are different it can follow same method. After all, all three have one thing in coming and it is to get the message through and by showing in these ideas. Another, way they’re related to each other is that as graphic designers it can help to be creative and tried to design that others can understand. Plus, making something were people can understand helps show that this message and by using the methods it can help spread in one way or another.

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