Zikai Chen (Week Two, 9/16)

After to reading this article, I found semiology and linguistics is very related to each other, I think linguistics part of the semiology because the linguistics is about speaking, people have to spend time and speak out to others, then the semiology about shows, a sign gives all the information to someone, they get meaning by themselves, and base on the reading, they talk about someone lost their voice, they can’t speak anymore. So the linguistics is a kind of limitation, is not applicable for everyone, but there is no such disadvantage from semiology.

The sign still very useful today, just like street sign (Stop, school, cation, slow, etc), every drive will understand immediately and follow the street rule, also people will see that traffic light for cross the road safely, the sign of ( ABCFD123etc) trains on New York City Subway also prove it. There are so many things that explain sometimes the sign is much better than speaking or word.

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