Rana Abdelnaby for September 9

I have learned that the designers have been developing modeling of graphic designs from authorship to anonymity-based work. This has led to the evolution of different models and therefore changed every aspect in graphic design. The avant-garde found their work on impartial communication as opposed to designers who used authorship means to communicate Like from the readings, I learned that the Swiss designers turned the ideals of the avant-garde into the grid style, which had a personal interpretation perspective. Today, as a designer, I have experienced the application of the old avant-garde style in graphic design as many clients seek for clear communication using graphics.

I have understood that simple and clear language is critical in modern technology systems. The importance of simple language in graphical designs is to ensure that information reaches the target group in a clear and precise way Although I and my colleagues would argue on differing perspectives on interpreting Swiss-style graphic design, I have realized that such arguments in the past led to changes in the taste to avant-garde technology.

In my design career I am more concerned with avant-garde technology which involves long counting and writing. This is to ensure 100 percent correct interpretation of the artwork, unlike the Swiss style, which is hard to interpret. In the new technology, I have experienced limited time to do a design strain one to understand an artwork. Therefore, modern technology calls for the clear statement of graphic design for easy interpretation of the work.

From my experience I have found that designers who are creating specific content for specific functionality are provoking the change of the art strategies. There is a conflict that imagination and creativity might be lost due to graphic authorship. Graphic authorship was a traditional method used by the avant-garde artist. The modern world is in fear of diminishing creativity as compared to advancing technology and the future destiny of graphic designs.



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