Dennis Ulloa September 09


1.From what I think that people that used rudimentary method sounds like those who used it brag about their work and how this style was used back in the day. In the article it say’s “ In their minds, such bourgeois, subjective visions corrupted society.” Meaning back then since there wasn’t any internet people could go up to people but brag about there work and showing what they done. Now that the Internet is here this method is not used as it was back then. After all, the used of the Internet it helps explore the idea of graphic designers to see what they can do with their work. I believe sense that there wasn’t too much of art that cause people to look more but now people can look and think what they can do with their art.


2.I feel the reason why designers concern they of long obsolete skill is maybe to remember how it all started and how it improve in modern time. Also, it could be that maybe designers are looking more into how the old techniques may help with some of their own ideas. For example in the article it states “ Such designers see the client’s message as the central component of their work.” From what I think that even though the designer client tells them one thing the designer has to come up with at least ten ideas to show. After all, in the real world it isn’t where here is one lets get started no it’s where as artist to show something different even some of the ideas were used back then it can still be used now.


  1. The strategies that the designer come up with is stated in the article were it say’s “ Graphic designers must take note and consciously position themselves within the prosumer culture…” Meaning to make sure to understand what there doing and what are they going to create. Another strategies are that sense designers used computers they created a protocol so they can work with certain software. Not only that if the designer is told by the client of what they want. The designer would create resources that can help for what they want to design.


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