My Zine ideas

My zine is going to be about two things that I feel people should know about me in general. I’ll be talking about me becoming a graphic designer as a young lady wearing a headscarf. It’s sad but true that people who are “different” in our society are not accepted, or are treated differently than others. I honestly think that this issue has a big affect on my life, because as much as I love studying design and  wanting to become a designer ASAP, I always feel that there is something stopping me because of my headscarf.

I’ll also be talking about my dream of becoming a leadership trainer. Since 2011, the Unicef Tap Organization has become a big part of my life. I think it is very important that we help the less fortunate get access to clean water, and it’s also important that we feel the quality of the water we use and not take advantage of that, because there are many who die everyday because of the lack of water, or clean water.

I was thinking of making two zines in one, but I thought about it, and I think the best thing for me is to collaborate the two topics together, because when they do come together, they lead to one thing, and that is me.

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