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Graphic design.

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This is my final project for this class. Its all about color harmony. Basically, I had to envision […] See MoreHarmony

Botanical Garden

The botanical Garden is a beautiful place to take nice photography and enjoy the beauty of nature. […] See MoreBotanical Garden

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Comment on "Color Identities: Icons"

i think your thumbnails are very well developed! i am curious as to whether each one was drawn […] See MoreComment on "Color Identities: Icons"

Comment on "Saturated Colors"

I love the colors. It may be because of the photo itself but it looks great and neat. :) See MoreComment on "Saturated Colors"

Comment on "View From My Window; Thumbnails"

Hi professor. Sorry I never replied back sooner. I would love to sit and fix any learning blog […] See MoreComment on "View From My Window; Thumbnails"