Hieroglyphs was the writing used by the ancient egyptian that consisted of alphabets and logographic concepts.  It started at 3200 BC, and the use of it stopped at 400 AD. It emerged from symbols that related to the artistic traditions of Egyptians.  In 1998 a German team of archeologists came together to interpret the meaning of those symbols that were found on walls, stones, and tombs. That was when the first sentence was discovered. Egyptian Hieroglyphics were different. The symbols did not define letters, but words. For example a symbol of what looks like a child sitting indicates babies, or young children, and so if you combine it with another symbols, they can create a sentence. And that’s how it was discovered.  Hieroglyphs are read from left to right, and were then written on Papyrus, which was paper that Ancient Egyptians created made of the papyrus plant. The Famous Rosetta Stone provided modern understanding to Egyptian Hieroglyphs as well as demotic, and Greek script. It was debatable whether the ancient egyptians used vowels at all in their writing system, like the arabic language, vowels are different than other languages, but again, it may not even have been used in hieroglyphics.  In the hieroglyphic alphabet, there are 24 unilateral symbols, like the English alphabet. Other symbols are literal; by the look of it, it was easy to tell what it was.  Here are some examples of hieroglyphics.

Meaning of Hieroglyphs
Meaning of Hieroglyphs







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