BRIC House

I had an awesome and fun time at BRIC House. I saw  the Art into Music exhibition and was blown away. I love both art and music very much, and in class, we try to collaborate the two together. But when I saw professional collaboration of art and music and how modern it is, it moved me. There were graffiti writing that were put together by an artist and played around with with color so that there is a musical pattern an rhythm you can see in it. There was also a wall that had pictures of people in concerts. This really showed the art in these photographs because from what I saw, they were taken simultaneously when music was playing, so there face expressions were natural almost. We saw a video that combined hip hop music with this type of opera music that were merged together so well, and in the video you had a woman expressing her body through the music she heard.

All this was really cool and inspirational and I related a lot of what I saw with what I was learning in class (which is the collaboration of art and music), but I have to say my favorite part of the exhibition was the vinyls. I am a huge vinyl fan! I love them because they are a form of traditional, old fashioned musical aspect of the past. I tend to lean towards things that were used in the past, and in this exhibiton they had a whole stack of vinyls and a wall that consisted of them too, and they put them in such a way that it lmost appeared as something very modern. The pattern that they were stacked up in showed an visual relationship between music and art. The stacked up vinyls showed monotony because they were all in one row, while the ones on the wall had a variety of  vinyls that showed different types of music, and different colors too.

Coming out of the exhibition I was that much more inspired. I was inspired to continue on loving art and music and to continue on this path of becoming a graphic designer. I loved it and I will soon visit the BRIC house again with friends who will come to learn to appreciate these types of artistic skills. I was glad I was introduced to this place.

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