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Be creative and be unique is the key for me, and I have been filming wedding for almost more than 2 years, so I decided to choose Jerry Ghionis work, and choosing a picture from his work was not easy, he is so talented, and all of his work looks great.

I chose this specific picture because it seemed unique to me. Bride and Groom look like they are inside the magical mirror from ancient time. Composition for this image is so unique, it fills all for grids of the image, on one side we see our bride and groom, on other side we can see stair case. It is such a simple picture with such attractive aspects in it. especially the framing for bride and groom, and the lighting which looks like it is a boom strobe coming from the top working as key for their faces, and than some lightroom work to bring more life into couple’s as they are the main aspect of the picture.