Francesco Gola: Landscape Photography

I decided to pick this photograph by Francesco Gola because it represents how feel at times. in the photograph there is only two rocks out in a vast body of water. i feel like as if i’m one of those rocks on a vast and expanding world. there are times when i can’t exactly process everything in the world from food to movies to landscapes. Sometimes it can be a little scary, as they say it’s a great big world out there. One thing i liked about this photo is how much of the landscape is let in to show the vast body of water.

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One thought on “Francesco Gola: Landscape Photography

  1. Pete Labrozzi

    Interesting observations Davin! A truly good piece of art, be it a painting or photograph can really speak to us for different reasons. Not only the placement of the subjects in this photo but the overall mood established by the light and colors feed in to what you said. How do you feel about the composition? See any of the rules we discussed at work here?


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