Yvonne Zemke

Yvonne Zemke is a photographer that focuses on wedding photography. In many of her photos, I noticed that she uses the rule of thirds to great effect. Her subjects usually fall upon the 1st or last 3rd (vertically) in the photograph. Faces usually occupy the horizontal third. When present there are floor tiles function as leading lines like the above picture. There is a feeling of elegance in the work that Yvonne Zemke creates which works perfectly for wedding photography.

One thought on “Yvonne Zemke

  1. Pete Labrozzi

    Excellent observations! And great photo choice. Another great leading line/diagonal in this photo is the bride’s dress itself. Believe me, as someone who has photographed weddings, it can be a hard beast to tame, but here she has done so flawlessly and added to her photo with its placement.


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