Alex Noriega

The photographer I chose was Alex Noriega. His landscape photography gives off a soft dreamlike aesthetic. Many of his photos have high saturated, warm colors that mix together and form a magical scene seemingly effortlessly. His photos capture serene, magical moments in the real world, making them seem out of a memory.

One photo that stood out for me was Rainbow Rider because of the dense shrubbery. In this photo fill the frame is used as the dull tree is the center of attention, or the figure, while the colored shrubbery acts as the background, having the tree stand out greatly even though the branched stick out in a fine, almost fuzzy way.

Rainbow Rider by Alex Noriega

One thought on “Alex Noriega

  1. Pete Labrozzi

    Nice choice! This is a perfect example of Patterns and Repetition. Although the photographer absolutely did fill the frame in this scene too! Also, in this case the colored shrubbery would actually be the foreground as it comes before the tree, while the less colorful shrubbery acts as a neutral background behind it. In this way the photo simultaneously gives the impression of being “flat” while also establishing depth between the various plant-life.


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