I had an amazing opportunity to attend a game expo here in NYC. It had over 100 game developers that showed off their latest games to one-on-one to a crowd of 800 people. For the developers, this is a great opportunity to show off their games (finished or unfinished) and get direct feedback from players.


One of the first games I had a chance to play was Treasure adventure world. Treasure Adventure World is a huge open-world side-scrolling platform game. You are able to sail the world, in search for ancient artifacts and weapons. You are able to upgrade your sail-boat and find gear to give your character unique abilities.

Its a story driven world in which you discover clues to your forgotten past and uncover it. I found this game to be very polished and enjoyable to play.  As I was playing the game I was talking with one of the lead developers Steven. Steven and I spoke about what engine the game was designed in and how far along in development the game is. I found out that it is currently set to be released sometime in the spring 2017.


Another game in which caught my eye was the low road made by a Canadian studio called Xgenstudios. The low road is an episodic point and click adventure. The protagonist is a corporate spy in which is dedicated to the protection of game-changing industry. I found this game to be a beautiful puzzle game. I spoke with one of the developers Nick, and I had to applaud the art style that was chosen.

Although this was a beautiful game, it was very buggy. The game was not running well and had frequent slow downs that made it unplayable at times. I found it difficult to play longer then 5 mins due to my eyes hurting because of the lag.


Blade Ballet is a whirling dance of multiplayer robot destruction. Each character possesses a unique personality and special abilities – use them to claim victory as you spin from one challenging arena to the next, battling for dominance in this action-packed fighting game.

Although I didn’t enjoy this game, I did enjoy talking with the developers. They spoke about their inspiration, design process, and development time with me. I enjoyed our conversation because it gave me a better understanding in how the industry operates. This game is currently available!, so if you haven’t picked up a copy, you should.