The good:

We used Dropbox in one way or another. Either for personal cloud storage or for class assignments. When I discovered Dropbox had an app, I had to download it. Dropbox lets you share photos, videos, files easily across from any device that has a Web browser. This versatility is a huge plus!, especially when I have to work on projects in class which use Mac and at home I have a PC.

It incredibly easy to use, Its free to download, and requires very little setup time. Creating folder is just as easy on the phone as it is on a desktop. Navigating each folder is such a breeze with the touch and drag.



The bad:

I honestly cant think of anything bad with Dropbox besides that you only start with 2GB of free space. I wish it was more, but only $5 a month I can easily gain access to more cloud space.


I would give this app a solid 9_10