Living in New York City you have access to the most amazing museums on the planet. One of these innovated and interactive museum in the Copper Hewitt Museum. This is not your normal museum, but a place in which you can design your own artwork relating to any time period. During my visit I had three piece of artwork that stood out to me.

Photographer: Ali Elai

The first piece of artwork that stood out was staircase model(France), made in early 19th century. This staircase model is a fantastic masterpiece. These intricate fine cuts of wood piece stitched together reminded me of my days of working in construction with my father. We would produce high quality cabinets for our clients. I recall the amount of work required to produce a kitchen cabinet was enormous, but the end product made it worth all the work.


Another piece that stood to me was this bike contraption. The piece is called future cycles. This piece was designed by a team to provide alternative transportation. It provided a efficient and cost means transportation to those who cant afford a car. I found it interesting that this future bike has weather protection and can carry as much as a car.

I found the sleek design to be fantastic and a eye opener. This piece reminds me of my bike. I would design and build my own backs from the frame outwards. I can relate to the team because it takes a lot of work in order to build a fictional, cost effective and safe bike.



Another piece of art I enjoyed was print, ornament panel with Orpheus and the judgment of Paris and print, ornament panel with mars. These prints where given as a gift to the museum. What is so striking about these pieces is just the level of detail. We have human figures, animals, symbols, embolisms, typography and amazing line work mixed into one. These pieces of art work inspire me to develop my own intricate ornament panels, which i hope to do in the future.