During my internship I found myself being taught more and more about the technical side of  game design. I have to thank Mr Bacchus for this. Throughout my internship we stayed in contact either through skype, e-mail, gtalk, or by phone. Having all these modes of communication really helps in understanding the vision in which Mr Bacchus has started.

I found myself thinking that Mr Bacchus has become my role model. If i ever have question, I don’t have to hesitate and ask. I never felt as an outsider, even thought this was an online internship. I felt like I had a voice in the project and my ideas where always taken into consideration.

Mr Bacchus has taught me how to become a better animator, designer and most importantly a better critical thinker.



I had an opportunity to meet with Mr Bacchus and his amazing brother during my stay in LA. My most memorable part of my visit was when they introduced me to a new type of pizza called Brazilian pizza! I’ve never seen pizza with such amazing toppings and flavors.


One word, yummy!