On September 29th, I attended a Siggraph event which was held in the city. The event was called MetroCafe. MetroCafe is a annual metropolitan college computer animation festival in which the year’s best student animation pieces are produced in the New York City metropolitan area and beyond.


While attending this event I watched 29 videos of very talented story tellers and animators. My favorite video was called Inside Job by Qui Deng. This a was 2D animation using vector images. The animation was rhythm oriented with creative way of showing how the inside of things work. Each machine would have a person inside doing the task, for example a person will be inside a vending machine and take the consumers money and hand them the product.I had a chance to speak with Qui Deng after the screening. I found out she studies at School of Visual Arts and is currently a senior.  She used Adobe animate cc to animate and Adobe premiere to polish.


I also had a change to speak with Christina Faraj who worked on a video called Unmasked. Unmaked is set in Africa and it tells a story about two brothers. The old brother passes away and leaves behind a African tribal mask to the younger sibling.  The younger brother goes through a journey in rediscovering his older brothers mask, which in turn contains his brothers spirit. It was a very heart warming story and well animated story that left a in print in my heart.  Christina Faraj was the main animator while her brother Gavish worked as the 3D modeler and rigger. They have a great chemistry and amazing team work.

The overall experience was very enjoyable and I look forward in joining this community.