Announcements for Thursday, Dec. 12

  1. Sci Fi Symposium: December 12. 500 word extra credit assignment. Attend any one of the panels, take notes, and write a reflection on how/whether the panel revealed similarities/parallels between science fiction and Gothic literature.

2. Semester Review Bonus Quiz next time: matching characters with descriptions, concepts with descriptions. This quiz will be 10 bonus points.

3. We will begin watching US next class. Come ready to think about how plot elements, character types, or images in the film recall/parallel similar moments in different texts we have read.

4. For homework, please continue working on your Final Essay. The sentence templates I handed out in class can be found here. You’ll upload the final essay and the extra  credit assignment(s) to electronic Dropboxes (no hard copies needed!).  However, please take care to format these documents as if you were turning in a hard copy! They should look professional.


-15% of final grade

-Short ID and analysis of 4 texts you did not write about in either essay (you will have a choice)

-You’ll be presented with excerpts from the texts. Pick 4 and identify: text, author, context. Then include a brief paragraph of analysis (ID’ing literary elements and Gothic tropes, important cultural/historical themes)

-1 double-sided page of notes allowed.

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