Group 3 Create

a) the scene where Dyer + Danforth are being chased by a Shoggoth

Quote: “So we glanced back—simultaneously, it would appear; though no doubt the incipient motion of one prompted the imitation of the other. As we did so we flashed both torches full strength at the momentarily thinned     mist; either from sheer primitive anxiety to see all we could, or in a less primitive but equally unconscious effort to dazzle the entity before
we dimmed our light and dodged among the penguins of the labyrinth centre ahead. Unhappy act! Not Orpheus himself, or Lot’s wife, paid much more dearly for a backward glance. And again came that shocking, wide-ranged piping—“Tekeli-li! Tekeli-li!” I might as well be frank—even if I cannot bear to be quite direct—in stating what we saw; though at the time we felt that it was not to be admitted even to each other. The words reaching the reader can never even suggest the awfulness of the sight itself. It crippled our consciousness so completely that I wonder we had the residual sense to dim our torches as planned, and to strike the right tunnel toward the dead city. Instinct alone must have carried us through—perhaps better than reason could have done; though if that was what saved us, we paid a high price”.

My take on it all: The shoggots are these black bubbly creatures with eyes and tentacles that they can expand to however long they want to. I tried to capture the faces of the characters, to show how frightened they were. This is the perfect example of the fantastic hesitation and terror because they know what these creatures are capable of doing so far so what could this mean? Are they going to escape this god forsaken place or are they going to die like lake and his men?

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2 thoughts on “Group 3 Create”

  1. The way the picture of the scene is drawn out is pretty accurate. The picture has the details of the scene including the heavy smell of the mist. The way it shows that they are in a rectangular box is also a very smart detail to draw out because we know they are inside a tunnel which we cane imagine is very small in size. The most favorite detail of the picture is how they both looked shocked in having to encounter the shoggots.

  2. I agree that this is the perfect example of the fantastic hesitation and terror. As you pointed out, the men know what the creatures can do. The importance of escaping is of uttermost importance as they wouldn’t want to end up like Lake’s group. Each move can possibly change the future events, making us feel anticipation and the terror of decision making.

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