Please Post your Storm Story

I created a project site for all of us to post our storm stories – please share this link freely.

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11 Responses to Please Post your Storm Story

  1. News from Staten Island are just heartbreaking …
    To all those affected: stay strong! We will rebuild!

  2. Prof. King I am so worry I do not know how I am going to get to school I live in Port Chester NY 10573 and I usually take the the Metro North and then the 4 or 5 subway from Grand Central. The 4 and 5 train go through the tunnels, and they are operating but only limmited service. (Tunnels are floded and this trains are not connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn)

    • I understand there is an express bus from Grand Central that goes down to the college over the Manhattan Bridge.

      • AnnetteSheila says:

        Yea I just heard about it right now in the news. The shuttle, but I seems really crowded the news says that the wait time to take it is 45 minutes because the bus can only fit 50 people at the time. I will try professor, but I don’t know if I will make it in time I will try it.

  3. Sandy was devastating for westchester county specially those of us near the water my entire town (main St and the port) was floded and many families woke up to find trees inside their houses, like my neighbor, floding, and no electricity. I truely thank God, my home wasn’t floded, and ConEd fixed the electricity today.

  4. Luis Weber says:

    Sandy was a disaster in most parts of the city. I dont think my area got affected as much as other parts of the city did. Most trees collapsed here and there but that was mostly it. Internet went down for a few hours but nothing drastic.

  5. Camile Brown says:

    Hurricane sandy was devastating to all those effected….and to my surrounding neighbors who lost power, trees downs, flooded homes. I am truly fortunate and blessed because it was only apart of my house that was damaged and taken by the wind. My family is safe thank God.

  6. angela says:

    The storm completely destroyed my backyard, when i went to look outside all of the tall trees and gate where on the ground. Also a huge post fell on the shed my step father had just finished building. My basement flooded and didn’t have electricity for a week, it was not a good experience at all. Next time we will have to be more perpared

  7. Angela Lopez says:

    The storm was horrible for me, my hole backyard was destroyed. All the large trees and fences were on the ground by the next morning. I also lost power for a week, it was not a pleasing experience because there was nothing to do and I became very bored. My basement flooded and the winds broke some of the shingles from the roof. During the storm I can hear the cracking of the wood in my house. This terrified me because I though my house was going to collapse with the high winds. I’m glad everyone was safe and my house is still standing.

  8. Sheily F. says:

    By my house there was heavy rain all night a few trees fell on the street, others in top of cars. Thanks God we didnt loose power in my building but we did take all the precautions. The trains didnt work as we all know and i had to take the shuttle busses to get to Brooklyn and it was very crazy at night to go back to the Bronx to almost the last stop of the 4 train; the lines ffor people to take the bus were extremely long and crazy! people were fighting to get into the busses. Thanks God i didnt have to wait there all night instead took an alternative train then 2 more busses to get home.

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