Notes about Final Presentation –

All of your presentations from Friday have been graded.  These grades will be reviewed and modified when I receive updated presentations from your group.  These are due on Sunday by 6pm – no later.

Please read the comments I made for each of your groups.  One group did not give me their presentation so my comments for them were more limited.

Overall the work was not what I had hoped four.  As a general comment to all, the work did not go into as much depth or detail as a semester long group project should.  Additionally I will repeat my earlier comments that each group needs to focus on solutions that are based on the focus of your group, zoning needs to address zoning, history addresses history, etc.  This is critical.

Every group must upload by Sunday.  If I do not receive the updated final presentation the group grades will remain as they are currently posted. Every group can change this current grade if they read the comments and respond accordingly.

The one group that did not provide their presentation must upload a final presentation by Sunday or their grade will be lowered.

All uploads are within blackboard.

Email me if you have questions.

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