Storm Recovery and Friday Classes

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all are doing well and friends and family are all safe!

The college has announced that classes are in session again this Friday.  I commute by bike and will be in  starting at 8:30 am and most of the day.  As I run two site planning classes I will likely let them overlap – so if you are late in the morning you can stay for the afternoon class as well if you do not have another class in the afternoon.

Please do not stress out about being either late or absent – it will not count against you!

 I will likely run a special class that is a review & combination of group work for the semester project -perhaps we will take an impromptu field trip to the Brooklyn waterfront – if I can get special permission to do so.

If you have photos and videos of what happened in your neighborhood consider bringing these in to share.

If you have internet access and do not make it in – try to be available during your class time.  I will see if the groups can communicate together using  a website that allows everyone to communicate in a shared chat session that can be saved as a word document.

Hope to see as many of you as we can tomorrow.

Good luck to everyone.  Stay safe & Thanks

Prof. King

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5 Responses to Storm Recovery and Friday Classes

  1. Luis Weber says:

    Professor i do not think ima be able to make it to class, i will try to though. For me to get down to brooklyn im going to have to take 4 buses at least which will take hours.

  2. Luis Weber says:

    Will the lectures be up on this tonight or tomorrow?

  3. dbatista says:

    I wont make it either professor if the trains are not fully operational, if i take buses after it’ll take me hours.

  4. Roderick says:

    Don’t think I will be able to make it tomarrow….I’m in contact with my group members and they are keeping me posted. Sorry professor.

  5. Camile Brown says:

    Hello prof. Hope you and your family is well also. am not sure if I will make it to class tomorrow. I was looking at all possible ways to get to Brooklyn from my area, but I have no trains running on my side and no trains are going into Brooklyn from manhattan. I think I heard something about a shuttle bus again am not too sure.

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