I teach, I develop curriculum, I mentor.

Upon joining City Tech my teaching responsibilities included only HMGT 2305, Dining Room Operation. It is here I began exploring my understanding of teaching and learning practices from my mentor Julia Jordan. A well thought out course, I soon made it my own by tapping into my extensive industry experience in fine dining and banquet management that matured while working at the Plaza Hotel. I was, however, sure to maintain the most significant learning practices of reflection, peer evaluation, and writing intensity that has kept Dining Room Operation a critical course of the hospitality curriculum for many years. Even now, after not leading the course for six years, much of the curriculum reflects my input.

Identifying the developing needs of the beverage industry, it was important to update our beverage curriculum. I wrote three new elective courses to increase our student’s exposure to wine industry standards, Wines of France, Wines of Italy, and Wine of the New World. Each runs on an annual cycle, includes place-based learning, critical analysis, and interaction with industry professionals.

I have taught eight courses, providing me the opportunity to work with first-year through senior students. I teach two writing intensive courses and an internship course. I am currently the course leader for six courses. Please see the course descriptions, writing intensive designations, and course leader notes below.

In addition to my own course work, I mentor and coordinate with full and part-time faculty teaching the courses I coordinate. They range in experience from new to well-established teachers and hospitality industry icons. I seek to support their development of effective teaching practices and work to ensure consistency in achieving the learning objectives of a course while respecting their academic freedom.

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