Student Work Examples

First Year Learning Community, 2018

Our Learning Community was comprised of HMGT 1101 Perspectives of Hospitality Management (Goodlad) and HMGT 1102 Introduction to Food and Beverage Management (Stewart). The 1101 class has a assignment based on the weekly New York Times 36 Hours in… in which readers are advised where to visit in a particular city or neighborhood. In Karen’s class, students were asked to choose a specific location within Brooklyn based on their assigned category of tourism. In Claire’s class, students were asked to choose one iconic NYC food item that could be found within that location.

The oral presentations were fantastic and all but two of the students ultimately followed the guidelines. The students brought examples of their food items and we ended up having a fun and educational feast!

The way the assignment was executed in HMGT 1101 was through a blog post. The instructions can be read here. Two examples of student learning show the how students can deepen their understanding of travel and tourism and show their learning in various forms of communication. The first blog post was chosen because of it’s sophistication and inclusion of links supporting what the student is writing about, I also believe the student’s writing style is inviting as she addresses all of the components of the assignment; the second blog post shows the student’s ability to evaluate a category of tourism, incorporate a variety or diverse activities, and explain what a tourist would expect when visiting Brooklyn, including lodging options.  I believe students showed great growth from previous work submitted and during an oral reflection students mentioned that the challenges were manageable and that they learned a lot about time management as well as Brooklyn.



Graduates Mentoring Students: The post linked here form the Disney Internship Course Site shows a significant development in our student’s professional careers. What you will read is a journal entry made by a current internship student. Her journal reflects on a recent recognition she received at work, which is something to be proud of. What makes the reflection more significant is the person recognizing her efforts is a graduate of City Tech who participated in the same internship program, then participated in a management training program with Disney and was hired as a full time manager! The progression of our students is simply amazing!