SE 2015

SELF EVALUATION, Karen Goodlad, Assistant Professor, 2015


As I have in years past, I sought a quote that inspires me and helped guide me through my work. The quote of significant inspiration of this year was spoken by Maya Angelou —

I do my best because I am counting on you counting on me.”

It is the spirit of interconnectivity, interdependence and collaboration expressed in her statement that I feel has been a driving force for me and has been recognized by faculty and students alike. Here are just two recognitions I received recently that show how people can count on me:

” Thanks so much for your help… I came to the February [Living Lab General Education] meeting to tell you that my time was so stretched that I could not participate. After the meeting I was not about to leave. That is how helpful and interesting this experience has been for me. You are doing a wonderful thing for Faculty.”

— Ynes Leon, Architecture Technology

Associate Fellow, A Living Laboratory General Education Seminars

May 2015


“I just wanted to say thanks so much for your help, you have inspired me. You provided the answers I needed. I am looking forward to this study abroad trip right before I graduate. I will keep you posted.”

— Stephanie Shimabuku, HMGT Student

April 2015


What I do as a professional educator is vital to the success of the department, school and college.  Keeping the goals and targets of the college and department in mind I seek to lead efforts of change as I feel I can be most effective in this way. This year I focused on orientation objectives and practices, college wide general education initiatives, ensuring students are engaged both in the classroom and out and did this all while continuing to develop my scholarly work.  In addition, I am getting recognized in different areas for the change I am facilitating and supporting.


Counting on Me: A Living Laboratory, General Education Seminars

My leadership in the Living Lab continues. Over this year I continued to focus on the General  Education Associate Fellowship. In this program both full-time and part-time faculty explore the concepts and philosophy of the Living Lab Grant. The seminar series is conducted in an multi-disciplinary manner which has been appreciated especially among our part-time and newer full-time faculty. This seminar series serves to help support the revitalization of General Education across the college and does so in a way that our very important part-time faculty can participate in professional development. If we are truly interested in spreading our General Education initiatives we must provide the opportunity to engage all our faculty. As the Director of The Living Lab Associate Fellowship I have designed the fellowship to do just that.

Counting on Me: Sharing Effective Teaching and Learning Practices

I have two collaborative scholarly efforts under way exploring teaching and learning practices. The first is with Laura Westengard of the English Department that compares faculty and student perceptions of First Year Learning Communities and the other is with Anne Leonard of the Library regarding place-based learning on the Brooklyn Waterfront.

The research regarding First Year Learning Communities (FYLC) involves surveying both faculty and students to identify and better understand their perceptions of academic achievement, social interactions and classroom behavior in a FYLC as compared to their other courses. The initial results are informative and will, in time, foster development of better classroom management for faculty to achieve the results they seek with and for their FYLC students.

Another scholarly interest is in the scholarship of teaching and learning in place-based learning. Through my leadership of  the Living Laboratory Title V Grant I have facilitated various opportunities for faculty to consider Brooklyn as our classroom. I am now seek to assess the Fellows continued connection to the Brooklyn Waterfront.

I know there is great interest on the national level for the above topics as well as other high impact educational practices because I was selected to present at the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) General Education conference, “From Mission to Action to Evidence: Empowering and Inclusive General Education Programs”.  This conference was highly selective and the director of the conference, Susan Albertine, Vice President, Office of Diversity, Equity, and Student Success,  attended my presentation. She addressed the attendees about the effective nature of how we at City Tech are supporting full-time and part-time faculty as we incorporate greater General Education practices into our course work. She mentioned how this is especially unique at an urban commuter school of technology. We are revitalizing our General Education practices and I am happy to be able to be counted upon to help lead this effort.


Counting on Me: Engaged Students and Successful Graduates

The Walt Disney Company creates opportunities that are powerful, real and provide great growth for students. That is why I continue to work as the Walt Disney World College Program (WDWCP) Faculty Advisor and have done so for the last 10 years. Often , students who participate in the WDWCP develop exponentially through their work and studies that their thoughts are worth sharing:

Unfortunately I did not get offered the [Management Training] position, which I am ok with. It would have been a great opportunity for me to start here and finish up but it looks like I will be heading back home to NY to finish up my last two classes. I am proud of myself that I was able to go through this process and get to the final stages. I had tremendous help from my fellow cast members and leaders, for next time I know I will be even better prepared and know what to expect. I will also like to Thank You for informing me about the Professional and Management Internship it gave me a better vision while doing the program and that there are opportunities after the Disney College Program.”

Carol Pelaez, WDWCP, Fall 2014

In the above statement, Carol conveys her academic growth, professional attributes and that she was willing to take a big risk to achieve her goals. This process, and the loss, will help her accomplish her goals in a way that would not have been possible if it were not for her internship with the Walt Disney Company.

The management program is extremely competitive. The few who do make it stand out. This spring a graduate of City Tech who continued her career with the Walt Disney Company after her College Program internship went on to management training program, then management development and recently earned the Walt Disney Company’s highest recognition, the Legacy Award. Nelya Khayut  of the class of 2011 received the prestigious Walt Disney Legacy Award which recognizes the exceptional managerial efforts in perpetuating the “dream, create, inspire” philosophy of the Disney company. Read more about her award, her philosophy and how my mentoring helped her achieve this respected honor.

Counting on Me: Faculty Advisement Training Series

As the department’s Advisement Liaison, I took a different approach to faculty advisement training in the spring of 2015. After four semesters of logistical training on the new curriculum, advisement worksheet and degree audit, faculty are more proficient with navigating the available tools created by the department and the college and were ready to think more holistically about the purpose of advising our students beyond course selection and progression. Working in small groups we explored assumptions regarding advisement and ways we can best support our students as they progress through their studies. We will build on what we shared and learned in the fall of 2015.

In addition to faculty training, I worked in a small group setting with three new faculty members with the intent to ensure they are prepared to advise our students toward their successful academic and professional goals. During the eight training sessions, we covered topics such as: tools for advisement, CUNY’s Common Core courses, involvement in extra-curricular activities, college resources and upper level hospitality electives, all while considering the student’s and faculty’s role in the process and what tools might best assist them.

Outside of the department our dedication to the advisement process was recognized. Dean Smith asked to use the HMGT Advisement Worksheet as an exemplar for the School of Professional Studies. Dean Smith stated in an email on November 7, 2014, “I am impressed with the clarity, layout, and organization of the advisement sheet (and of course the accuracy!).”I am happy to know that I contributed in a significant way to the development of our advisement practices. This was an important year for advisement in the hospitality department and great results were achieved.

Counting on Me: The National Spotlight.

I mentioned Dr. Susan Albertine, of the AAC&U earlier in this self assessment but it is worth bringing her up again. Information about Dr. Albertine’s can be found here: She and I met during the AAC&U Summer Institute I attended with Provost August, Dorie Clay (Student Affairs), Shelley Smith  (ARCH) and Jonas Reitz (MATH). She was immediately intrigued by the work we are doing at City Tech to enhance Gen Ed and student engagement so much so that she chose to share one of our outcomes through their LEAP initiatives publication, “Liberal edu.cation Nation.” The link provided below speaks to the work Laura Westengard, John Akana and I conducted during our time with the Living Lab and FYLC. OpenLab and AIR are mentioned as well. I am happy to be able to share our work on the national stage. She conveys well our use of educational practices to engage students. . The piece is an example of how City Tech can position itself on the cutting edge of linking technical and liberal education, another important endeavor that I am happy to be partaking in.

The above is the first of two articles the Association of American Colleges and Universities will write about work resulting from the General Education Living Lab initiative and First Year Learning Communities.

The work I am involved with is creative, implementable and making a difference for our faculty and our students.