From The Field

Kevin Darius


So I attended a field trip to the Cooper Hewitt on the Lower East Side of Manhattan NYC and I must say that it isn’t what I expected it to be. I’ve never been to such an amazing , technological museum before. What made things better was the fact that they showed artifacts that really interested me, I am not really a fan of museums much but this one gave me an opportunity to actually sit there and enjoy everything this museum had to offer. The Cooper Hewitt had provided technological/hand crafted artifacts that was enjoyable for all ages.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 2.52.00 PM


This hand drawn image caught my attention at the museum for several reasons, one being that I loved the movie Ratatouille a lot because I love the idea of cooking and food itself. From the color scheme to the idea, and the message being brought through out this image is amazing. To see what is a mouse cooking, in a kitchen , a rodent most feared by people, a creature if found in a kitchen by a food inspector would ruin the establishment. The thought and creativity put into this is amazing. The colors in this image are amazing they go so well with each other. Although you can tell that this is just a mere sketch you can still understand the message through this image and the rat’s purpose. The curves , shapes in this images are so perfect , created for Pixar Animation Studios and created by Bolhem Bouchiba, the man really did a fantastic job on this piece.


Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 2.52.12 PM


This piece of art stood out to me simply because i grew up watching all of the Toy Story movies.  Just a doll dressed up as a cowboy, I don’t know what type of imagination the creators Bud Luckey and Ralph Eggleston from Pixar Animations Studios had when thinking about this image. This is a very creative image. From the color schemes, the complements of colors, the use of warm colors, and the shape of the character is amazing. It was very important that his character was well thought out because he was the main character, the movie exploited him as a doll that was able to do so much for those around him, very inspirational character.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 2.52.42 PM

This handcrafted image created for Pixar Animations Studios by Jay Shuster, is a very unique image, this was made with ink on paper. The thought on this image is very different it’s just a sad/ terrified looking robot. I haven’t watched the movie really but i skimmed threw a few scenes and i guess he’s just around to clean up society. I do like the design on this character though. From the dullness to its warm colors and the very oddly shaped figures he has. This makes this image very unique in its very own way. Im still trying to understand the type on its body , they are two different types , I can’t even read what the text says but im sure it has some type of significance to his character. Overall this piece of work is great.