Flag Design/Kevin Darius

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In this assignment the class was told to make a flag describing, as well as representing who we are as a person well its pretty clear. I am a photographer but i bolded the flag description in red because of the love i have for photography and my work that ive done thus far. The arrows represent how photography makes me money and how my money is used on photography. Lets just say photography isn’t one of the cheapest things to occupy your time with I had to save up for months to buy a decent camera…..

The structure used for this assignment was simple printing paper you can find a your local retail store.

The design elements used for my work are Color, Form and Value the darker green bring out the lighter green in this piece of work and the way the Money symbol (YEN) as well as the image of a camera brings out the image thats in to be conveyed by viewers.

The design principles in this piece of art Unity, Emphasis and Rhythm.

What I learned from this assignment was the use of colors, unity,  and emphasis and understanding the love I had for photography <3

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