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This is a visual of a facial structure of a person, this was made because the quote ” I Am The Architect of My Own” it shows that everyone is different in their own way you design the way you are structured mentally, you are you own person. People can not create you, you make yourself. You are the person you create.

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This a visual image of a female with a bridge included in her image, this is known as “Double Exposure”. This gives viewers a chance to understand that this is a major part of this person’s life. This is the Brooklyn Bridge, located in Brooklyn NYC.  The reason it is in black and white is to pursue the dominance of this image. This allows the viewers to understand how powerful Brooklyn is as a location.cropped-cropped-Class.jpg

This is a visual image of a person shattered into pieces. Only  you can break yourself, you can’t allow others to break you because you are your own person. The atmosphere is also a representation of who the person is entirely, giving access to ones atmosphere exploits what you know about the person.

Visual Quote Kevin Darius