Text Design/ Kevin Darius

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The project was simply discussing fonts and colors,  strictly 2 different types of fonts with 2 different types of complementary colors were to be used in this project. Ethos is one of my favorite types of font so I decided to include that in my project and I chose to do the color purple along with green because ive never chosen those complements before and I thought I should be different for this project.

The Elements used in this assignment were Text, as well as Color. the Principle was Emphasis on the text in order to find different variations of text to apply in this assignment. What i learned in this assignment was  different types of text i can use in my work and the amount of colors i could apply to my work and all its good to be different.

The structure used was 8.5*11 in 8.5 being the width while 11 was the height.

As well as shape being incorporated in this assignment and and abstract designing was placed in my work.












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