Symmetry/Kevin Darius

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The assignment was for the class to pick out either something animal or plant and design it into something symmetrical so I decided to make a leaf which was intentionally supposed to be a marijuana plant.

I structured my work to be big enough for bristol paper. Many elements were placed in my work such as line, form, color. Design Principles such as pattern and unity are being shown as well as proportion in this master piece.

I learned many things from doing this project, drawing can be really time consuming especially when you are not one of the best artists in the world. Ill admit the assignment was done wrong because the white and blacks in this image should have been switched around but I enjoyed doing this assignment, the lines were the trickiest part, to determine where each stem and branch was going to be placed. The symmetry was proportioned correctly for the most part and I like the pattern I made in this master piece.

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